Community Guidelines

Let's work together to build a positive and enriching AI community!

The purpose of this community is to foster an inclusive, respectful, and productive environment for the discussion, development, and exploration of artificial intelligence.

Be Inclusive

  • We welcome people of all technical backgrounds, skill levels, and identities.
  • Everyone should feel comfortable participating in discussions regardless of their level of AI knowledge or experience.
  • Avoid exclusionary language and actions, ensuring that everyone feels they belong.

Be Respectful

  • Engage in disagreements constructively; focus on critiquing ideas, not people.
  • Remember that AI development has ethical considerations. Be mindful of the potential biases and impacts of AI models.
  • Do not attack or demean others. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected within the community.

Be Considerate

  • Avoid personal insults, discriminatory language, and any form of harassment.
  • Be clear and concise in your posts to help maintain an organized and focused community.
  • Offer constructive feedback, guidance, and positive reinforcement to others.

Do Not Spam

  • Avoid self-promotion that doesn't contribute meaningfully to discussions.
  • Do not use automated tools or scripts that artificially inflate activity.
  • Do not solicit upvotes or attempt to manipulate the community's engagement.

Additional Notes

  • Promote responsible AI: Discussions and contributions should advocate for the ethical development and use of artificial intelligence.
  • Respect Intellectual Property: Acknowledge the work of others and avoid plagiarism or claiming the work of others as your own.
  • Focus on AI: All discussions and sharing should revolve around AI and its subdomains only. Moderators have the right to delete any post or comment if it does not follow these guidelines.
  • Beta Phase Contributions: Since the community is in BETA, all contributions of members are being noted, and rewards will be awarded in future versions.


Moderators are solely responsible for removing content they deem to violate these guidelines. They have the authority to delete any post or comment at any point in time if it feels the content is not following the guidelines.


Failure to follow these guidelines may result in warnings, moderation of content, or temporary or permanent suspension from the community.