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What is Jack AI?

The average marketer spends 3 hours a day writing copy for different websites, so we built a tool that helps them create compelling copy in minutes. Marketers can now create ads and content across many different websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google, Youtube and many others.

Jack AI helps marketing teams achieve both excellence in their copywriting and performance in terms of conversions and attention. Jack AI can help write your blog articles, social media posts, marketing emails, and more. Jack AI has been trained by industry leading marketers so that only the best content is generated. Jack AI has over 50 tools to choose from so that you don't need any other tool when doing your marketing.

Jack AI keeps your data safe and private. Jack AI's AI/ML models are not trained on your data and you own your output.

So join the thousands of teams worldwide who use Jack AI to reach more customers. Jack AI is free to try!

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