3 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 20243 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 2024

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If you ask me about important skills that every writer should possess, then paraphrasing is what I will mention at the top of the list. It is an indispensable skill for writers, students, bloggers, digital marketers, and people belonging to other life sectors.

For those who are unaware, paraphrasing is the art of rewording text to make it sound easy to understand while keeping the context intact. Paraphrasing is a great way to rewrite existing text and avoid plagiarism in all situations.

Doing the whole rewriting work manually certainly takes a lot of time. However, AI paraphrasing tools can help you achieve this in the blink of an eye. You don’t have to spend multiple hours or days to rephrase text correctly. Instead, opt for a reliable paraphrasing tool and get your job done straight away with zero chances of negligence or errors.

Are you not sure which tools you should opt for?

Well, I have done the hard work and handpicked three top-performing Artificial Intelligence tools that you can count on to enjoy the best results in contrast to manually paraphrasing text.

3 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools

These are trustworthy, free AI Paraphrasing tools that you can try in 2024 without getting worried about plagiarism or writing mistakes.

1. Paraphrasing-tool.ai

The paraphrasing tool is a web-based platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. The tool allows you to paste input text, choose the desired mode, and provide you with a unique output in a matter of seconds.

The clean and intuitive interface makes it easier for users to get their job done without looking around for help guides. Once you visit the tool, you will see prompts to help you paraphrase online text without wasting time.

Most of the work is done automatically since the tool utilizes natural language processing techniques to smartly paraphrase online.

Main Features

Some of the prominent features that the paraphrasing tool AI offers include:

Humanoid Results: The tool rewrites text in a humanoid way so that you don’t have to see robotic content time and again.

Support for Languages: You get support for multiple languages, including English, French, Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, and more.

Diverse Paraphrase Modes: Enjoy customized results with multiple paraphrase modes, including formal, blog, academic, anti-plagiarism, fluency, and creative.

User-friendly Interface: You don’t have to worry about navigational problems since the tool comes with a clean and clear interface loaded with user-friendly elements.


The free version provides you with the ability to paraphrase up to 250 words in one attempt and you can enjoy a maximum of three shots in a day. That should be enough for someone seeking quality paraphrasing without spending money.

However, there are paid plans available for those who need unleashed access with extra perks.

  • The weekly plan is available for $6.95 per week.
  • The Monthly plan costs $14.95 per month.
  • The Quarterly plan charges $13.31 per month.
  • Finally, the yearly plan can be obtained for $8.33 per month (saving you 72$).

All these paid plans come with premium features such as 24/7 support, 10x speed, the ability to freeze keywords in the blog mode, unlimited access to sentence rephraser, unlimited summarizing or paraphrasing, increased word limit of up to 1500 words, no captcha, and no ads.

3 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 20243 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 2024Paraphrasing-tool in action

2. Ref-n-Write.com

The next handpicked AI paraphrasing tool is Ref-n-write’s paraphrasing tool. Predominantly, it is developed for students or users with academic rewriting needs. However, anyone can rely on this particular tool to generate results specific to their needs.

Once you visit, there is a clean interface with main features highlighted in the main navigation. Choose the ‘Paraphrasing Tool’ option. Now you will see a clear text box where you can paste text or write anything you want to paraphrase.

Once done, click the ‘Paraphrase’ button, and the tool will provide you with multiple paraphrased versions. You can go through each of them and choose the one that works well to satisfy your requirements. There are other options, such as Academic proofreading, word choices, and reset. You can choose either of these depending on your needs.

Key Features

Ref-n-write’s paraphrasing tool offers quite a few productive features for today’s users, and here are some of the prominent ones.

Multiple Results: Once you add the text and click the ‘Paraphrase’ button, the tool provides you with multiple results instead of a single copy. That means you can enjoy the freedom of choosing the most appropriate output based on your preferences.

Zero Grammar Errors: Aside from paraphrasing text, the tool runs a grammar check to find potential mistakes in your write-up. That means you do not have to go elsewhere to find a suitable grammar checker to make your content flawless.

Academic Proofread: The academic proofread features strikethrough words that are not needed, making your piece shine like a professional masterpiece. Those unnecessary words are replaced with other suitable choices that sound more familiar and professional.

Security: The tool is reliable since it does not share any of your textual information with anyone. The data will be removed after your paraphrasing request has been completed.

If you want high quality paraphrased text with minimal human intervention, then this particular tool is recommended. Students struggling to understand complicated topics can also take advantage of it to boost their material understanding. It is an excellent resource for researchers, students, and writers.

3 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 20243 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 2024Ref-n-Write in action

3. Typeset.io

Typeset has introduced its neat and clean online paraphraser that comes for free. Based on a straightforward yet intuitive layout, the tool helps you get everything you need to paraphrase text smartly and efficiently.

This paraphraser uses advanced algorithms to understand the given text deeply and then regenerate it in a whole new way without committing mistakes. Getting fresh and unique content using existing materials is not a problem when you rely on Typeset’s paraphraser.

Key Features

Just like other top-rated paraphrasing solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, this paraphraser also comes loaded with a number of useful features.

Many Paraphrasing Modes: Rather than providing just a few options, the tool goes the extra mile and offers more than a dozen different paraphrasing modes. The most important ones include academic, formal, creative, friendly, persuasive, fluent, enthusiastic, assertive, authoritative, sarcastic, supportive, and empathetic.

Customized Text Length: You can choose the desired length of the paraphrased text. There’s a slider just above the right text box that lets you shorten or expand the original text. You can also choose the default option that neither condenses nor expands, but keeps the length normal.

Personalized Variations: You can also control how much of the original text you need to be changed. The slider next to the ‘variations’ heading allows you to personalize your variation experience. For instance, you can choose the ‘less’ option if you need subtle changes, medium if you want medium changes, and more if you wish to see most of the text changed.

Support for Multiple Languages: The tool supports more than a few prominent languages: Chinese, Czech, Bengali, Bulgarian, Japanese, African, Hebrew, Greek, and Korean to name a few.

3 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 20243 Free AI Paraphrasing Tools You Should Try in 2024Typeset.io in action

3. Conclusion

If you search for the best online paraphrasing solution, you are likely to see a bunch of options in SERPs. Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy due to a number of glitches. I have discussed three great options for you after doing the hard work.

The paraphrasing Tool AI, ref-n-write’s paraphraser, and typeset paraphraser are three great choices that you can count on to enjoy seeing impressively paraphrased texts. Each of these tools comes with all the important features that you would need to double your online paraphrasing experience. You can expect unique results, avoiding all plagiarism-related concerns. So, give these tools a try, and let me know your perfect pick.

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